Chimney & Roof Repair in Spiceland, IN

Chimney & Roof Repair in Spiceland, IN

Chimney & Roof Repair
Spiceland, IN 47385
December 07, 2021

Services Provided

  • Roof Inspection
  • Remove Shingles, Tar, And Flashing
    Around Chimney And Plumbing Vent
  • Chimney Frame Support Reinforcement
  • Ice & Water Shield Underlayment Installation
  • Chimney & Plumbing Vent Flashing Installation
  • Roof Shingle Replacement
chimney flashing roof repair in Spiceland, IN

Products Used

  • Owens Corning Duration Shingles
  • Plumbing Vent Flashing
  • Ice & Water Shield Adhering Underlayment
  • Step & Counter Flashing for Chimney

Job Description

This home had a leaking roof problem around the chimney and plumbing vent. As seen in the photos below, the flashing was in poor condition with the sloppy tar sealing job.

We removed the shingles and underlayment from around the plumbing vent and chimney. We added chimney frame support from underneath. We then installed ice & water self-adhering underlayment. We then proceeded to finish by installing Owens Corning Duration shingles and properly installing the plumbing vent and chimney flashing.

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Spiceland Roof Repair Job Photos

Roofing Job Photos
Before & After

Chimney & Roof Repair Photos
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