Roof Replacement in New Castle, IN

Roof Replacement in New Castle, IN

Completed Roof Replacement
New Castle, IN 47362
September 6, 2021

Services Provided

  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof System Removal
  • Re-sheet Flat Roof Deck
  • Re-sheet Rear Roof Slope Deck
  • Large Chimney & Pipe Flashing
  • Roof Shingle Replacement
  • Flat Roof Replacement
after flat roof replacement

Products Used

Sloped Roof Installation

  • Premium 7/16" OSB
  • CertainTeed RoofRunner Synthetic Felt Underlayment
  • CertainTeed Winterguard
  • CertainTeed Swiftstart Starter Shingles
  • CertainTeed Landmark Algae Resistant Shingles
  • CertainTeed Ridge Vent
  • CertainTeed ShadowRidge Shingles

Flat Roof Installation

  • Premium 7/16" OSB
  • CertainTeed Flintlastic Self Adhering Mid Ply
  • CertainTeed Flintlastic Self Adhering Cap Membrane

Job Description

It was time for a new roof on this New Castle home. This home not only had a sloped roof, but also a flat roof. The old rubber roof was worn badly with major gaps and wrinkles due to its expanding and contracting nature.

As a standard practice with a roof replacement, we replaced the flashing on the pipes and chimney. We take extra care to ensure the flashing is completely sealed to the rugged texture of the bricks while keeping it looking professional.

In regards to the 2 roof systems, the best approach for this combination was CertainTeed with both their Shingles and Flintlastic products. The CertainTeed combination allows for not only high-quality roofing materials but also the ability to match the flat roof color with the sloped roof shingle colors.

New Castle Roof Replacement Job Photos

Roofing Job Photos
Before & After

Roof Replacement Photos
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