Roof Replacement & Chimney Repair in Pendleton, IN

Roof Replacement in Pendleton, IN

Completed Roof Replacement
Pendleton, IN 46064
November 25, 2021

Services Provided

After roof replacement on Pendleton home

Products Used

  • Premium 7/16" OSB
  • VB Shield Synthetic Felt Underlayment
  • Atlas Pro-Cut Starter Shingles

Job Description

Atlas Premium Exteriors is blessed by every customer that puts trust and faith in us to deliver a beautiful roof! We offer many brands and styles of roofing products but as you can tell by our company name, we do love Atlas Roofing products!

The roof on this Pendleton home had damage around the chimney from cracks and a bad seal. The shingles also had algae stains. We gladly removed the old shingles and inspected the decking. The decking around the chimney was deteriorating from the leaking. We cut out enough decking around the chimney and replaced with quality OSB to ensure we got all the saturated wood out. We laid down synthetic felt underlayment and shingles from our favorite brand, Atlas Roofing. We were happy to provide another quality roof replacement for this wonderful homeowner.

If you're looking for a roofing company near Pendleton who will make sure you get the absolute best roofing system for your money, call Atlas Premium Exteriors today!

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