A Warranty Determines A Quality Indianapolis Roofing Company

Choose an Indianapolis roofing company with a warrantyPurchasing a new roof is a big investment that can sneak up on Indianapolis homeowners unexpectedly.  Making sure to use a quality roofing company that offers a warranty is equally important, although many homeowners may wonder why that is. Just like with any other household object, it can be tempting to put off purchasing a warranty plan for fear that it will cost more money with little actual benefit. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, though.  In fact, there are several very important reasons why you should choose to use a company with a warranty.

What Is A Warranty?

Simply put, a warranty is a written guarantee that is issued to the purchaser of the product. In this case,  it refers to a roof. The guarantee is to cover a certain amount of the repair if the product fails before a specified period of time. Finding a roofing company that offers a good warranty is important for many reasons. Not only will they provide homeowners will peace of mind, but they will also protect their monetary investment over the years.

A Warranty Guarantees You’re Working With An Honest Roofing Company

A roofing company that is confident in its skills, work ethic, and product will stand behind it. After all, repairing a roof is no easy feat, and homeowners can’t supervise the workers constantly, especially if they’re not familiar with roofing themselves. By choosing a company that comes with a wide variety of warranties, you’re guaranteeing that the company will stand behind the work they’ve done, no matter what type of damage is thrown at it.

In short, the more warranties a company is willing to offer you, the better their roof likely is. For example, if the company chosen doesn’t include wind damage, homeowners may find out that the shingles that were supposed to be securely in place really aren’t as stable as once thought. Without the proper warranty, this means homeowners would be footing the bill.

Protection From Being Scammed By “Storm Chasers”

The term “Storm Chasers” refers to those who travel from out of state after a big natural disaster. For example, when a hurricane hits a state like Texas, there will be a sudden surge of demand for roof repairs. Storm Chasers typically come from the surrounding states, such as Alabama, Florida, or Georgia, to repair the roof. While this method might be more cost-efficient, and even quicker during emergency situations, homeowners have to consider what will happen when these contractors return home. For the most part, if the roofing company doesn’t live in the same state the homeowner is in, they may be unable to come back to repair any future damage there may be.

Storm Chasers are most commonly found in the southern states that can be affected by hurricanes, but they can also be found up north doing repairs after tornadoes, or really windy weather. They may not cover all this, knowing that they’ll be out of town if the damage occurs.

Guarantee’s Your Roof Stays in Great Shape

A manufacturer’s warranty only goes so far and knowing that the company offers you a decent extended warranty will give homeowners peace of mind. Just knowing that if anything goes wrong, the company stands behind you, is an important factor in choosing a quality contractor. Every roofer is human, and all humans make mistakes. A good contractor will realize this, own up to it, and agree to fix any problems that arise after the job has been done.

Quality Indianapolis Roofing Companies

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