Beautiful Trim Replacement in Westfield, IN

Beautiful Trim Replacement in Westfield, IN

Completed House Trim Replacement
Westfield, IN 46074
May 4th, 2022

Services Provided

  • Removal of Rotting Cedar Trim
  • Trim Upgraded To Kleer PVC
    Composite Faux Trim Board
chimney trim replacement

Products Used

  • Doesn't split, crack, warp, or check
  • Resists damage from Freezing and Thawing
  • Resists damage from High Humidity
  • Can be milled without worry
  • Every piece is straight
  • Every piece is free of defects

Job Description

For this job, the homeowner was planning on selling this home, but its rotting trimboards clearly needed attention. He reached out to us to help determine what could be done to not only raise the curb appeal of the home but add long-term value to it as well.

Upon going over options, we determined the best solution was to use Kleer Lumber's PVC Composite Faux Trimboards. What makes Kleer trimboards a great choice for this job is that they do not split, crack, or warp and resist deterioration from the year-round elements. This means the house trim will look great for many years. Each time a home's exterior is cleaned, the trim boards will look brand new.

The best part of each of our jobs is experiencing the homeowner's satisfaction. This homeowner was so thrilled with the outcome that he decided to have his trim replaced on his new home, along with more work. We were grateful to have and continue to serve.

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