Why is a warranty important for your roof replacement?

Why a roofing warranty is importantMost contractors or roofing companies want to and intend to do a great job, with or without a warranty. However, there is always the opportunity for mistakes in the manufacturing of materials or installation of said materials. The bottom line is that we are all human and can make mistakes. Mistakes can and do happen. These mistakes are why a warranty is so very important!

Roofing Manufacturer Warranty

On occasion, a shingle batch could be produced improperly in ways that can shorten the life of your roof. Sometimes materials can be stored outside for an extended period of time and not properly rotated so you end up with old materials on your roof that start to fail prematurely. These issues do not happen often but they do happen and that’s why a manufacturer warranty is important. A guarantee from the manufacturer to the customer that if there is an issue with the product they produced then they will take care of it.

Roofer Accident Warranty

Did you know that a standard 30 square roof has roughly 14,000 nails used in the application of the shingles? Imagine nailing thousands of nails and one never getting in the water channel where 2 shingles come together. Sure, it rarely happens with experienced roofing contractors, but that innocent mistake that can cause a leak in a brand new roof is possible.

Let’s say, hypothetically, a misplaced nail happens on a new roof installation. If no workmanship warranty is given in writing then a homeowner could be in for a lengthy legal battle to cover the expense of repairing the damage from the leak. A contractor or roofing company that truly has the customer’s best interest at heart will give a warranty in writing that will hold them liable for any mistakes in the workmanship of the installation.

I have personally met and worked with many contractors that give no warranty yet will take care of the customer no matter what it takes. The problem is who do you trust if you do not know them personally? It’s always a good idea to get a warranty in writing to hold all parties accountable.

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