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Are you in need of roof replacement services? Atlas Premium Exteriors can come to your aid.

Upon replacing the roof of your home or building, we use only products of the best quality so that your roof remains insured by the warranty from the manufacturer. Our quality installers apply years of experience and certifications are ready to give you comfort and peace of mind through the entire process. Atlas Premium Exteriors also offers a workmanship warranty and a satisfaction guarantee!

Our personnel knows how annoying a damaged or leaky roof can be for you and your family. We at Atlas Premium Exteriors are also aware of the likely damage that can be caused to the interior of your home anytime this happens. That is why we are so committed to a high level of craftsmanship to deliver a quality roof.

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Why should you choose our roof replacement services?

We Attain Warranty Standards

Correct roof installation is necessary to ensure the validity of the manufacturer warranty. The installation process has to be as good as the top-quality materials used for the roofing. If you employ an inexperienced roofer, the result you get at the end of the day may be shoddy. Whereas, ineffective installation methods can create big challenges if a homeowner ever has the premature failure of the roof. Meanwhile, good roofing experts make sure they meet warranty standards when installing your roof. An insured, well-versed, and licensed roofing company that is aware of the warranty requirements will ensure that he produces the most significant result from his initial effort.

Our Experts ensure absolute care for your property

When changing your roof, an expert roofer will make sure that your building is kept safe from any form of damage during the roof installation process. They take care of your property and make sure everything is intact whilst undergoing the replacement. These professional roofers can instruct you concerning precautions to take when the roof replacement is still underway.

Signs that you need to replace your roof

When It’s Becoming Worn-out

If you still remember when the roof of your home was installed, you ought to have a sound idea of the period for which the roof should last. If the asphalt roof has been on your home for more than 15 years, it’s about time for you to start making plans to replace your roof. Although, the supposed time use of these materials alone is not enough. Differences in ventilation, maintenance, and various factors can affect the lifespan, that is why you shouldn’t estimate only in years.

Distribution of Granules

If the roof of your home is asphalt, the shingles will be covered with granules to safeguard against the harsh rays of the sun. As soon as these granules fade away, shingles receive unbearable levels of rays from the sun in form of heat and begin to crack or bubble. When you find granules scattered on the roof or in your gutters, this is pointing to you that you need a roof replacement.

When the Shingles Get Damaged

You must check your roof after terrible, harsh weather. Snowfall, hail, downed trees, and high winds can affect your roof shingles causing leaks and cracks. Of a lesser impact, roof repairs can prevent moisture from getting into your home, but if the damage was widespread, you might have to hire roof replacement experts.

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